Evercode lab 


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Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

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Evercode lab 

We build projects starting from product discovery, through management, development till launch and maintenance.
We use Agile methodologies and Lean production.

Our experience by business fields:
- Software Distribution and Sales
- Personal Health
- Fintech
- Education and Learning
- Power Monitoring and Billing
- E-Commerce

Our experience by types of systems:
- Data Processing, Analysis and Visualisation
- Complex Knowledge Testing
- Service Quality 
- Chat Bots (telegram, facebook, slack)
- Custom Online Stores

Our experience by technologies: 
- Symfony, Doctrine, Silex
- Node.js, React.js, Vue,js
- MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
- Memcached, Redis
- ElasticSearch
- RabbitMQ
- Nginx
- Docker
- Ansible

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