Moscow CableCom Corp. 

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Moscow CableCom Corp. 

Moscow CableCom Corp is focused on delivering broadband communication, information and entertainment services in Moscow, Russia under the brand name AKADO through its expanding “last mile” access network.

ComCor-TV, Moscow CableCom's wholly owned subsidiary, has a license with the city of Moscow to provide its services to up to 1,500,000 of the city's residents and small businesses . Under the brand name AKADO, it is in the process of building its last mile access network throughout Moscow to provide access to a full range of broadband communications services to residential and small business customers.

Using its leading-edge technology, AKADO offers an array of broadband services including: cable television with Russian and Western programming, high-speed Internet access and web hosting. At present, no other company in Moscow is providing residential broadband services.

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